Janet Mefferd’s Heated Interview W/Mark Driscoll

Pastor Driscoll joins Janet Mefferd’s radio show and answers some questions about his “appearance” at Pastor John MacArthur’s Strange Fire conference. It was a strange encounter that puts Driscoll in an unflattering light. Mefferd also asks some tough questions about his citations of Dr. Peter Jones’ work in his book A Call To Resurgence, implying that Driscoll is guilty of plagiarism.

Here is a link to Mefferd’s site in which she uncovers other examples of alleged plagiarism from two other books written by Driscoll. I wonder if this will continue to develop and raise questions about his writing or if it will just blow over. The interview’s audio clip posted on YouTube has 14,500 views after a week, which is not viral but not insignificant.