9 Things You Should Know About The Rwandan Genocide

9 Things You Should Know About The Rwandan Genocide.

The nation of Rwanda last week commemorated the genocide that took place twenty years ago. Under colonial rule the Tutsi were placed in positions of power. They were the ruling group even though they were the minority. The Hutu were the majority group but were disenfranchised under that system.

It seems the downing of a plane carrying the Rwandan president was the event that set off the killings. President Juvénal Habyarimana belonged to the Hutu group. Hutu militias setup checkpoints and began targeting Tutsi. An estimated 800,000 Rwandans were killed, about 20% of the country’s population and about 70% of Tutsi. As many as 500,000 women may have been raped during the 100-day genocide and up to 20,000 children were born as a result.

When people speak of evil in the world they talk about it as something that exists some place far away, like Rwanda. The Bible makes it clear that the evil in the world lies within our own hearts and that’s what makes this world such a terrible place. We live in the world where men do not call on the name of the Lord and instead walks his own path. This world is a consequence of sin.

Christians who read their Bible should never fall for the naive notion that we are always making progress towards a brighter future. The only hope we have lies in the coming of our Lord and the manifestation of His glory and kingdom. Only then will evil be eradicated and the creation restored to its pristine condition.


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