Introduction to Matthew

Matthew Gospel

My devotional study has taken me from Isaiah to Matthew. You will see posts on chapters one through seven over the next few weeks. My study guide includes an introduction and an analysis for the first time I come to a book. From the intro in Alan Stibbs’ Search the Scriptures:

It is customary to see in Matthew’s Gospel the fact that Jesus is presented especially as the Messiah, the promised Son of David. This is true; but it also declares that He is the Saviour from sin (1:21) and the Son of God (1:23; 3:17; 16:16,17); and although the writer was obviously a Jew to the core, and wrote primarily for Jewish Christians, yet he recognizes that Jesus is the Saviour, not of the Jews only, but of all nations (2:1,11; 28: 19,20). Nevertheless, this is the most Jewish of the Gospels. It is significant that our Lord’s genealogy is traced back, not to Adam, as in Luke’s account, but to Abraham, the father of the Jewish race.

The story of the birt of Christ shows distinct signs of being derived from Joseph’s side, as the story given by Luke would seem to come from Mary’s.

The Gospel is characterized by the large place it gives to the teaching of our Lord, and in particular to His teaching in parables and about ‘things to come’.


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