Obamacare And Biblical Justice


 And he will take your fields, and your vineyards, and your oliveyards, even the best of them, and give them to his servants.

And he will take the tenth of your seed, and of your vineyards, and give to his officers, and to his servants.

1 Samuel 8:14,15

God had a vision for Israel in which He would be their king and they would be His people. They would be the one people chosen to be set apart from among the nations. Unfortunately, Israel wanted to be like all the other nations because that was more desirable to them than what the Lord had in mind.

The people would find out that the king they so desired would become a huge burden and source of oppression. He would be a parasite that fed off of the best of everything they had while they would be left with the scraps. This story is familiar throughout the world and throughout history. Men take advantage of each other and manipulate others for their own gain.

I write this as a long setup to what I observe about Obamacare and the different ways that Congress and the people are treated. America’s Founders advocated ratification of the Constitution because they believed that the laws would equally apply to Congress. Sadly, there are many regulations now which do not apply to Congress at all. This undermines the whole idea of the rule of law and creates a class system, one which America is notable for not having.

It is a class system in which the connected have the best of our “vineyards” and our “oliveyards” and distribute them to their “servants.” Members of Congress and their staffs get a public subsidy for their health plans that can range from $5,000-$11,000 a year. The passage of the Affordable Care Act didn’t exempt Congress and so the White House made sure that one was carved out for them.

This means that Congress will have access to high-quality, expensive healthcare even if you do not. They will not have to pay the higher premiums that many Americans are facing. Since they have the clout to put pressure on the White House they can get special privileges. But what if the rest of us do not have such lobbying power? It is a double-standard in which there are two laws, one for the rulers and one for the people. This is plain and simple biblical injustice.

Blessed be the Lord thy God, which delighted in thee, to set thee on the throne of Israel: because the Lord loved Israel for ever, therefore made he thee king, to do judgment and justice.

1 Kings 10:9

God has instituted civil government for the purpose of doing justice for the people. When men think about their own interests and ignore thinking about what is good for the nation as a whole then evil will reign. As followers of Christ and readers of the Word of God we should always apply biblical principles to our world and call it like we see it.



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