Your Biblical Worldview

How sexual liberationists torture language and logic

National Review’s Wesley Smith notes that in California, “legislation has been filed that would require group insurance to cover gay and lesbian infertility treatments just as they do heterosexual.”…But one indisputable fact about homosexual behavior is that it cannot result in reproduction. Thus “gay and lesbian infertility” is either a redundancy or an oxymoron, like “female impotence” or “male hypolactation.” As Smith explains in The Weekly Standard, the proposal would mean that “every gay individual or couple . . . could be construed as infertile, with group insurance required to pay for the individual or couple to have a child.”…Since “infertility” is inherent in homosexuality, what California is proposing to do is once again define homosexuality as a disease–not in order to stigmatize gays but in order to subsidize them.

Rick Warren’s son commits suicide, gun not his

Investigators are still trying to determine how Matthew Warren, 27, obtained the gun he used to end his life last Friday. Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) spokesman Jim Amormino said that Warren was probably not” the owner of the weapon, reports the Los Angeles Times. Warren died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside his home in Mission Viejo, Calif. Gun registration documents are private in the state of California, but permits to carry a concealed weapon are public record and available locally. The OCSD confirmed to HuffPost that Warren had never applied for a CCW license through the department.

What would Google do?

Chavez, like Che Guevara, is a symbol of progressive ideology and radical activism. Having his image on the Google homepage is for those on the Left the equivalent of shining the silhouette of a bat in the sky for Bruce Wayne. These images and impressions–spoken or otherwise–leave indelible marks on the psyche (and subsequent worldviews) of people who don’t even really know who Cesar Chavez might be. Because so few actually know the full story of men like Chavez and Guevara, their likenesses become cultural currency, chalk-full of undeserved (and especially in the case of Guevara, recklessly misplaced) cache. This is dangerous. Why? Socrates–or was it Justin Bieber–said that the unexamined life was not worth living, but I would posit that the unexplained (and intellectually vapid) culture is not worth living in. If nothing else, it becomes harder and harder to even recognize what is better from what is worse when the only angle that your culture seems to promote is the secular-progressive one.

Jesus never said I couldn’t paint the baby

To bring this up will perhaps inspire some cries of “bigot!” and “hater” from those for whom the words have become a knee-jerk response to any argument made in opposition to the zeitgeist. Still it only seems right, if Jesus is to be dragged into the debate on same-sex marriage, that we give at least as much consideration to the words he did say, as to the ones he did not.

The end of youth

Here it is argued that countries with very low childbearing rates of below 1.5 for more than one generation become adapted to childless or one-child families, and it is then very difficult to raise fertility again. Employment patterns change, childcare provision and schools diminish and so on. There is limited empirical evidence for this theory; however we do have anecdotal evidence emerging from China. Here the one-child policy has been in place for 30 years, and we thus have a large number of one-child children who are now of childbearing age. Despite the fact that they are allowed two children, it seems that many are choosing to have only one child themselves because this is their own experience. They grew up in a society of single children.

Give monogamy a chance

In other words, many college students, who in philosophy class would surely recognize the ethical imperative not to use other people as means to an end, do so every night in their dorms. This selfishness is why, as Ms. Freitas argues, the hookup culture is intimately related to sexual assault. In both, one person uses another to satisfy a sexual or social desire without any regard for what that other person wants, needs or feels. Once alcohol is added to the mix, and there is plenty of it in the hookup culture, consent becomes a murky issue.

Insurance for homosexual infertility

AB 460 isn’t limited to a finding of actual infertility. Nor does it require that gays and lesbians have tried to conceive or sire a child using heterosexual means, natural or artificial. Rather–as with heterosexual couples–merely the inability to get pregnant for a year while having active sexual relations is sufficient to demonstrate need for treatment, meaning if the bill becomes law, it would require insurance companies to pay for services such as artificial insemination, surrogacy, etc. for people who are actually fecund. Indeed, since the bill prevents discrimination based on marital or domestic partnership status, theoretically every gay and lesbian in the state could be deemed infertile for purposes of insurance coverage merely by the fact that they don’t wish to engage in heterosexual relations.


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