What Does The Bible Say About Gun Control?


We read in Matthew 12:29:

Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.

Jesus uses this analogy to explain to the Pharisees, who saw Him cast a demon out of a man, why He was not Himself possessed by Satan. It is in this story that He makes that famous statement that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

But this analogy is important because of the underlying assumption, which I am sure the Pharisees shared. People have every right to defend their homes against an invader, and they will do exactly that when an intruder comes. Violence is not inherently evil because it is often necessary to defend one’s life, family, property, and even nation. So a Christian can own and use a firearm with a clear conscience knowing that they are not disobeying God. Our responsibility is to know and understand how to use it in a Godly way, for good and not for evil.

It is also important to keep in mind that gun control inherently means more power for the government. Any American who values their liberty ought to be concerned about the expansion of governmental powers, especially when it involves personal, private information. History is replete with examples that show how governments have used gun registration information to disarm the public. After Hurricane Katrina hit the authorities in New Orleans rounded up guns from residents, and because of the gun permits they knew where to go and whom to contact.

Having an armed populace is not about maintaining an obsolete tradition that began in order to protect against a threat that no longer exists. It is about the nature of liberty and the responsibilities it entails. A free man understands that his well-being is primarily his responsibility and so it behooves him to take the initiative when it comes to protecting his life, family, and property. He knows that the government cannot guarantee his protection from the threats of life and so he must be prepared to defend himself. The world is full of evil men and it is foolish to think that anyone can eradicate evil.

When you try to restrict access to guns the people left with them are criminals who will use it to commit crimes. If they believe that there is no strong man in the house then they will spoil his goods. If he believes that the strong man is there and armed then it will serve as a deterrent. He will have to think twice about breaking into his home. As a society we want to deter criminals by making it clear that someone with a gun will be there soon to stop you when you attack.

We do not need to control guns. We need to control evil people. Evil is a part of this world because of sin and until the Lord returns to finally do away with it then we must learn to live with this reality. Our goal is not to banish evil but overcome it with good. There is no other fool-proof way to overcome evil than with the gospel.


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